Voicemail Tree Layout


1. Listen to messages
While listening to messages you can press:
* to skip back a few seconds.
# to skip forward a few seconds.

2. Change folders where greetings are stored:

3. Advanced options.
1 Send a reply.
3 Listen to the message envelope.
5 Leave a message.
* Return to the main menu.

4. Plays the previous message.

5. Repeats the current message.

6. Skips to the next message.

7. Delete or UnDelete the current message.

8. Forward the message to another mailbox

9. Save the message to another folder.

Mailbox Options
1 Record an unavailable message
2 Record a busy message
3 Record your name
4 Manage your temporary greeting
5 Change your password
* Return to the main menu
* Help
# Exit