Terri Latimer

Terri Latimer is an outdoor junky enthusiast from Roswell, GA. She grew up a soccer champ, winning 5 consecutive state titles with the Roswell Lady Santos Soccer Club and went on to play Division I for Western Carolina University in North Carolina as well as playing for the GA Olympic Development Program.

When she was 17, her life completely changed by doing her first course at the North Carolina Outward Bound School. It was 16 days of backpacking and Rock climbing that opened her eyes to the love of the great outdoors and the Outward Bound way, “to strive to serve and not to yield.” She went on to complete 3 other courses, which were more bold and daring each time. She mountaineered in the High Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Andes mountains (this was her Everest-like experience by learning rope team travel, ice ax use, and self-arrest tactics). The last Outward Bound School she did was cross-country skiing and dog sledding where she endured sub-40 degree temperatures and minor frostbite.

After graduating college, she transitioned into mountain biking and has been riding now for 12 years. Her very first race was the 24-Hours of Adrenaline at the Conyers International Horse Park. She’s gone on to race for the Sorella mountain bike race team and now races with the Zombie Camels Mountain Bike Club race team where she is the race, Ambassador.

Some of her race highlights are these: Her team has won the Chainbuster 6-hour race series in 2017 and 2018. She placed 3rd at Fools Gold in 2018. She
got 2nd in the 3-person 12-Hour Ironman Maiden and 2nd in the 3-person team 12-Hours of Conyers, and with her brand new customized Scott Spark named Sparkle, she plans to continue having fun being a Flying Jack and take on more solo endurance races as well as race the Chainbuster race series.