I Choose? In Cloud or On-Premise VoIP Phone Solution?

In Cloud or On-Premise

Buying a business phone system can be confusing.  There are so many options, pricing models, and features.  In many cases, what’s right for a small business is not the right solution for an enterprise. That leaves many people wondering what’s right for my organization?  One of the first options you should work out is: Should I install a system on-premise, or use a cloud-hosted solution.

If you ask five different people, you may get five different answers.  That’s because whether you go to cloud or prem will depend on your specific requirements.  What is good for your neighbor may not work for you. If you talk to different vendors, you may get different answers as well, likely extremely skewed to what they offer most don’t offer the same product on-premise as in the cloud, or which part of the company the salesperson is getting paid the most from.  So you might get different answers from different salespeople in the same company!  This makes the decision super confusing.

So what are you to do?  One suggestion is to start with a vendor like Elley that offers both on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions.  Preferably one that can offer the same product for both.  A lot of companies offer on-premise and cloud solutions, but because of various M&A they have done, the cloud product is very different from the on-prem product.   What are the top 5 reasons you should choose a vendor like Elley?

One – Elley can act as a true trusted advisor.

We work with you to figure out which solution is best for you.  We can be a true trusted advisor that helps you understand and navigate through your unique needs. 

Two – A product with the same look and feel will have future benefits.

If your company is growing and you want to put remote offices on the cloud, then all employees will have the same tools and look and feel for their UC system.  It also gives you as the end-user flexibility should you want to change to/from cloud or prem for some reason.

Three – As you go through the process, you’ll be dealing with the same person.

A lot of companies have different sales teams because they represent different products or different divisions.  We have found that most customers want to talk to the same sales team so you get consistent answers you can understand.

Four – You won’t have to worry about channel conflict causing you confusion.

Some vendors with large on-premise installed bases are essentially instructing their salespeople or channel to sell cloud.   They can’t possibly act as trusted advisors in that case.   In some cases, the channels are entirely different.  You may get calls from two different resellers – one selling a vendor’s cloud product and another selling a vendor’s on-prem product.

Five – Maybe you haven’t decided which is best for you.

This could be about cloud vs. on-prem, but also could be about remote work capability, CRM integration, video calls, contact center features, etc.  You need someone you trust to talk it through.  Which brings us back to the Trusted Advisor role as described in number 1 which Elley fits perfectly.

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