The Latest iOS Update (12.2) Patches Some Serious Security Vulnerabilities


On Monday Apple released iOS 12.2 to patch a total of 51 security vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system that affects iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. Most of vulnerabilities Apple patched this month reside in its web rendering engine WebKit, which is used by many apps and web browsers running on the … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Business VOIP

Business VOIP

As the cord-cutting movement continues to progress, with more and more systems moving away from hard wiring and becoming more internet-based, many businesses are starting to make the switch to business VoIP phone service. Business owners enjoy the flexibility and savings they can achieve by switching to a business VoIP provider like Elley. With so many business VoIP providers on … Read More

Testing SES with powershell


Yes, we are a phone company, but we are a very technical phone company. We have very technical people so we often branch out and help our customers with solutions outside the realm of telecom. With at said we will post from time to time some helpful tips. SES, simple email service is one of the many services provided by … Read More

5 Reasons to Update Your Website

5 Powerful Reasons to Update Your Website

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to your online presence is failing to keep your website updated. There are many reasons why small business owners do not keep their website up-to-date. For most the whole process is time consuming and confusing. Here are 5 reasons why updating your website is critical. 1. Responsive & Mobile … Read More

4 Signs Your Small Business Needs Hosted VoIP

4 Signs Your Small Business Needs Hosted VoIP

According to online publications (FMI), “VoIP users will more than double from 2012 to 2020.” This brings the current user base of 98.9 billion to 204.8 billion. These number show that VoIP, specifically Hosted VoIP, is on its way to becoming the standard for business communication. It is a system that can save companies money and foster seamless communications between … Read More

Voice Over IP (VoIP)


VoIP is a communications technology platform that allows individuals to make and receive phone calls, voicemail, and fax documents via the internet rather than traditional phone lines. Elley Communications will build a VoIP Phone System to your company’s specifications and provide all the tools to manage the system. VOIP Phone System Elley Communications is your VoIP phone system provider. With … Read More